Wigs for Cancer Patients

We provide special care to those requiring hair alternatives due to cancer treatments, as evidenced by this letter we received:

Chemo Wig/Cap“I just wanted to thank you for your truly Christlike care you showed for me through my wig process. I have been blessed with the help of many angels during this cancer experience, and you are one of those who was put in my path to make my way a little easier.

“I pray that you will be blessed in your own life for the service you have given mine.

“As you could tell from my fitting today, chemo has already made my hair so lifeless that I’m almost looking forward now to losing it and wearing the cute wig you helped me choose! :) It is not one that I would have picked off the shelf, so I’m glad you were able to recommend it to me – and find the perfect color for it as well!

“Thanks for doing such important work so compassionately. I will never forget your kindness.”

- Julie K.